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09 November 2010

My pictures gonna be in a book

A picture I took is going to be in a book. Not because it's a fabulously well taken photograph that is so beautiful that it takes your breath away, but more for the sheer funniness value. I submitted it to the website and they liked it so much they put it up on their site. The comments about the picture are hilarious. Some people thought the picture was funny, others thought it was animal cruelty. Really?? It's not like the dogs are buried 10 feet under the sand. Besides the fact that they are Jack Russel's, which are excellent diggers, so if they wanted to get out of the shallow hole they were in it would take two cussing seconds. The website people sent me a request to see if it could go into a book they are making. While the photo doesn't really showcase my astounding photography skills, I do like that someone appreciates the humor behind it.

Click HERE to link to the website picture and the comments. Some of my favorite comments, which could also be titles are:

"now they know how the bones in the backyard feel" -RatTrap007
"a warning from the Chihuahua drug cartel" -R. Michael Bortman
"This is evil, it isn’t funny! Those dogs would have had to be held down, they don’t look relaxed, they look scared! and being buried in sand up to your neck, would be different to having washing thrown on you. Sand is constricting, they wouldn’t be able to move under that, this photo is animal cruelty and should never have been put on this website" - Tangle

Oh wait. That last one shouldn't be in my favorite comments. It should be in the most idiotic comment category.

Hope you like!

4 little jacks all in a row

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