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29 October 2010

Sweet Video and My Halloween Plans

I'm gonna be honest with y'all - I would never do nor accomplish any of the shit on the montage vid below. I'm just not that talented and/or cool and/or bad ass.

Also Halloween is this weekend. Hurray! Who's pumped up?? I am, I am. The weekend line up is a little pet sitting. Party tonight in the burbies. I'm going dressed as a sleepy person and I am busting out these beauties. I was going to wear them to the bar and thought better of it. They don't have a drop down bum hole (imperative, or so I have heard)which means you gotta strip them off to the bottoms when you want to take a wee. I am just not comfortable with doing that in a tiny bar bathroom with scum on the floor and who knows what on the walls. I mean what if some part of my outfit touched something like that? I would have to burn them, so instead I'm busting out the footies. A friend of mine thinks I should add a Care Bear and bow and arrow to my costume and be a Care Bear Hunter. I like the idea, but I don't have the time to hunt down my props. Maybe next year.

Saturday I am doing more pet sitting, a possible maternity shoot (we will discuss my feelings on this later), selling shit at a yard sale, and for the Halloween weekend finale I will be celebrating my friends 30th birthday by hitting up the comedy club and then the bars with most of my closest Atlanta friends. Oh and I got a Cabbagetown party to hit up post bars. Should make for a long and crazy night. I am dressing as Red Mist from Kick Ass. The whole gang will be there- Kick Ass, Hit Girl, and Big Daddy.

Sunday is the great day of rest so I will be doing more pet sitting, feeding candy to trick or treaters (I hope), and then going to a friends party in Grant Park. Gee Willikers, I am tired already.

Have a good weekend and don't eat any unopened candy; My bffs cousins, brothers, mothers, frenemy ate a piece of candy last Halloween from an open package and swallowed a razor blade. It too can happen to you. ;)


Kelly said...

I think you can definitely flip over that car!

Stephie Z said...

Perhaps I am giving myself too little credit. Thanks for the motivation Kelly; I'm going to try it tomorrow.

Kelly said...

haha, wear a helmet, PLEASE!