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10 November 2010

Off to VA

It's that time again. Time for this lady to mark another item off the 30 x 30 list. EEk! Technically I listed that I would take one random trip without knowing where I am going. Since my job might not exist in June and I'm already lacking the funds needed to survive, I am wrapping this item into my weekend trip to Virginia and slightly changing it to fit a broker girls needs. A good friend of mine is getting married on Saturday in Charlottesville. Despite all of my friends taking airplanes up there, I have decided to choose the route less traveled; the 8 1/2 hour car ride alone. I got lucky in that I don't have to be at work tomorrow (YAY Veterans!), which is Thursday, so I am leaving tomorrow on the longest route possible from here to Charlottesville. Did I say it took 8 1/2 hours? Well, I strategically planned out my route to be as long and remote as possible so the route planned is now 12 1/2 hours. I figured I could do this since I don't have to be in Charlottesville until Friday night. I am planning on packing my camera and taking in the sites. I also want to meet Jesco White, but somehow I don't think I have the balls to go hunt him down in West Virginia. So back to 30 x 30. My original plan was to not have a plan at all, as in take a weekend and just go somewhere last minute. Since I don't have the money for a solid weekend somewhere, unless sharing a room with multiple friends like this weekend, I have decided to change the list item to be just randomly picking a place. While I have a semi- decent itinerary, I have no plans nor have I researched anything about my 12 hour journey other than moving check point dots around on a google map, so my plan is to take my time checking out whatever sites and shit there are to see and stop when I feel like it. I am a pretty big planner so this in itself is going to be hard for me. Anyhoo, I will get back at ya on Tuesday, that is if I don't get taken by some Dew mouthed Appalachian folk.

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