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05 November 2010

Happy Friday!

Tommy wishes you a happy friday! See y'all next week and don't forget to bundle up- it's gonna be cold out there.


Here Kitty


Kelly said...

is that your kitty? So cute, I really want one. Not sure if the shots are worth it though.

Stephie Z said...

Tommy is my boy. I adopted him about 6 months ago. He and Bella are the best frenemies eva'.

You and your allergies. The only thing that is worth it about shots is if you have allergies to anything else. If you do, get the shots. When I was young and allergic to everything I was the snot nosed child. Now I rarely get itchy eyes/runny nose etc.

Kelly said...

I don't think my pup or bf would like me getting a new kitty, but I really want one. I bet I could get used to it being sick and it would be worth it!