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05 August 2010

Bad Girl

On July 26th I mentioned that I would update the blog in "a day or two". It is now August 5th and I am updating this bitch. Damn, do I keep my word or what??? Don't answer that. So my life is going. I am still alive, going out, having fun, exercising, and eating like complete and total shit. Yay! Can you hear the sarcasm dripping from every letter of that Yay, because I meant for the sarcasm to flow like lava over rocks.

Fun things I did this last weekend included vegging out, going out on the town with some of my ladies, and hanging out with an old Savannah friend who I dearly miss and meeting his new lady. Damn, if only I were Eritrean and Catholic. I also watched the band, The Hollidays- they rock, and I kayaked it up on the Broad River outside of Athens with some other friends. BRO is goooood. After kayaking I ate fried chicken, mac n cheese, mashed potatoes, and a piece of cornbread along with a piece of cobbler. You know how many calories that is.. roughly 1000! But I burned about 9 hundred calories kayacking. Whew!

Okay so enough about the overindulgent puff muffin that is me. Did you hear about this dumbass who robbed a Wendy's in the A and then called back to complain twice about his meager take. Really fucker, you just got away with a crime and then you want to complain about it? Take your money and run.. and leave $100 bill for me under my mat. Gracias!

Oh, one last and uber important thing to tell y'all. My 10 year high school reunion is this Saturday night. I am freaked the FUCK out. I wasn't going to go at first. I was super nervous, still am, and was thinking about the fact that I am larger than I want to be when these people who haven't seen me in 10 years see me. I have come to terms with the fact that I am slightly larger than I once was, okay 25 lbs heavier, when some of these peeps saw me at my most fit when in D's wedding 2 years ago and 45 lbs heavier than my high school weight. However I am excited that I can finally bust out my true 'do, since back in my high school days I didn't know jack shit how to fix curly hair unfro-like so I just wore it up every day. Now I have some great long curly locks and I will be busting them out in all their jewish glory. I will also be busting out some heavy duty makeup, a suck-me-in, and a hot dress annnnnnddd I will be lying about what I do and say that I invented "post-its". Nah, just kidding. I won't lie since I do have a badass job of sitting on my ass all day mapping it up. ;) The main reason I decided to go to the reunion though is that the party takes place 5 minutes away from my hizzle at Gordon Biersch. Worst thing that happens is that all the people blow and I leave. the best thing that happens is that I have a one night stand with some random dude who I don't remember from high school. OOOH I hope he's not a party crasher.

A pretty picture from me to you:
Taking a break


Lyn said...

how did you get such a crisp shot? i want your camera!

Stephie Z said...

Thanks Lyn... I always strive for crispness and don't always get it. I shoot with a Nikon D80 and was using my 50mm 1.8 lens. I had the aperture at 2ish or so and it was bright outside so my shutter speed was very fast which is probably why it is much crisper than normal. If you shoot with an SLR you should defintley get a 50mm 1.8, it's $100 or so dollars and though it is a fixed focal length it takes AMAZING pictures! Thanks for stopping by:)