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18 August 2010

Wednesday Wednesday

I'm back, large and in charge. Tubing never went down last weekend so we are starting afresh this Saturday. Let's pray for NO RAIN!. The Hollidays rocked the house Friday night. The whole joint was jumping and this super cute old dude asked me to dance. If he wasn't 60+ I might have gone home with him. Dude had moves. I think he danced with every lady there so I don't feel too special. :(

Tonight is potluck and despite my tendency to cook food for this thang, I am grilling up some pre-marinated Korean BBQ boneless chicken thighs. They will be delicious! The dog isn't making shit. Shocker. Damn dog, doesn't ever provide to the household, other than a growl or bark here and there.

So I was discussing guns with a co-worker at work. He feels that everyone should have guns in there homes which deter burglars. I feel that why have a gun when you could have a big dog. My feeling is that the people robbing places aren't going to necessarily know that a person has a gun when robbing the joint, which means they would be more likely to rob a place with no dog. However, if the person had a loud dog, hopefully large, the robber would rather pick a house with no apparent dog which means the robbery will never happen to begin with. Who feels me??? It's hard to argue with my co-workers though because they grew up with a different upbringing. I grew up in a middle class family that doesn't believe in guns, hunting, etc. They grew up where all this shit was the norm. There are things that come out of their mouths that amaze me like me asking if they knew what the statistics are on people who own guns and how many accidents there are with them either shooting themselves or kids/friends shooting one another accidentally. He says it doesn't matter because he puts it up when people come over and his 4 year olds know not to touch the gun in his nightstand. Yeah...okay. I love playing devils advocate though. They get so flustered. It's fun. However I am not a fan of people who pull that shit on me.

Water safety is always my first priority

The one who lived with me for awhile:
Goofy Dane

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