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13 August 2010

Friday the 13th... bum bum bum

Hey yo!! I know you are shocked that I am checking in for the 3rd time in a week. I gotta be honest, I'm shocked too. So the weekend is here, finally, and I got plans.. big plans, fun plans. We are looking a schedule that consists of watching the Hollidays playing at Northside Tavern tonight, shooting the 'hooch Saturday, and a date Sunday. That's right- a date. We shall see how that turns out. To all my friends who are skipping our tubing sesh tomorrow- FU! LOL

I think I forgot to share in my high school reunion experience. It was rather fun and quite a bit like high school only with real IDs. I walk in at 8ish pm and i see multiple people... some who look the same, some who I wouldn't have known them if i sat next to them on the bus. I chatted with some friends that I hadn't seen since our crazy high school graduation party, where I got extremely fucked up and never slept. At the reunion I drank heavily throughout to kill the slight panic attack that was brewing as well as to have a little more social lubrication. I love that alcohol helps with nerves. Anyhoo most of the people I was "more" friends with in high school didn't come. There were however, thank GOD, some of the guys I was friends with back then so we all hung out. Some random girl I don't really remember told me I intimidated her in high school. I wanted to say "get in line bitch" since I have heard that from numerous people throughout my life. It's odd too since I think I am one of the nicest people, despite my prevalence to talk about people behind their backs. I really do do that, but it's more so I don't hurt that persons feelings. I don't talk shit about friends and the people who I say shit about are people I dislike anyways, but I still have a little southern sweetness in me and don't want to hurt them despite my dislike. Anyhoo let me get off that tangent. So I took numerous shots with these guys and then Gordon Biersch cut one of them off. Who knows why since he didn't appear all that drunk to me. Time to take the party elsewhere. We then went, caravan style, to the Cheetah, which in case you couldn't tell by the name is a strip club. It was the nicest strip club I have ever been too, but weird because there were loads of tables and women dancing on the banquets above. I didn't see lots of girls walking around and the room was so large it reminded me of a work conference. We stayed here for a beer and then went to CosmoLava, where some of our other friends had ended up. Let me just tell y'all that CosmoLava blows ass. I refused to pay to get in since who wants to pay for shitty drinks and a DJ, but a friend paid my way so that I could come hang. The night went on and on and I got no nookie. The end. Let's see what happens in 10 years.

I am tired of writing now, but did want to say that I picked one of the better wines for wine night last night. I love bringing the good wine.

Oh and here is my best 365 from the last month or so. I only took 5 pictures in the last month. EEK! Better get on it.

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