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26 July 2010

sup sup

Holla mi amigo! Was ist das? Comment était ton week-end? My weekend was good and these past weeks have been zehr gut other than my car trying to make life miserable. I mean damn Highlander thinks that after 100,000 miles it can get all slappy happy and punch drunk on me. No, you can not dear Highlander. You must continue to run your heart out for Miss Stephie. Damn, I make my car sound like an indentured servant. Well, maybe if it worked a little harder and stopped guzzling so much gas I would give it a day off or two.

So I watched one of my friends preform with her band, Lindsey Rakers Band, at Smiths. It was loads o' fun and the night culminated in a preformance by Chris Knight, whomever he is, and a dude macking on a speaker. My friend sat on said speaker later in the night and got a bit of previous dude's love juice on her dress. She's such a slunt. SLUNT = word of the day. Have fun with that kiddies and I'll be back tomorrow or the next depending upon if I recieve a bunny filled with money or not. I am holding out hope.

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