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07 June 2010

Wherever did the weekend go?

I had an interesting weekend. My favorite local festival was last weekend so I did it up big. Went to see the first band- Lindsey Rakers Band- because I know a girl, not Lindsey Raker, who's in it. They rocked. Luckily a friend of mine lives around the corner to the closed to alcohol music fest so we proceeded to say "fuck the man" and snuck our beer in all day. I saved major money this way. Score! The money savings meant I could purchase a hot waffle ice cream sandwich which was deliciously good. Went back and froth from the friends house to the stage hanging with different friends. Final band was tonic, the 'roid band from the late 90's.. they were ok. I mean, it was free so who can complain. Oh wait, me. Met up with some long-time-no-see friends and headed to Mellow Mushroom for dinner. We lost some people there after deciding that we would go to the Atlanta Eagle for a "lonely" friend.

About the Eagle- it is a gay bar in Atlanta that caters to gay men who like leather and all that stuff. So it was me, a female friend, 2 straight males, and my gay friend who went to the Eagle postsummerfest. I didn't wander around to the back rooms so I don't think I got a glimpse of all that the Eagle has to offer. I did however watch a 350 lb man wearing dress shoes and a speedo cutting a rug on the dance floor. It was a sight to behold. I was well into a 10 hour drinking fest so the dancer in me shown through. A guy even came up later and told me I was a fabulous dancer. I will relish that comment until the end of my days. Especially since the last time I got a comment on my dancing was when a girl in a Savannah bar came up to me and told me I had no rhythm. In your face, bitch! I would like to say that my straight guy friends rocked. I am so glad that some men are comfortable enough in their sexuality that they can go into a gay bar, especially this one, and not freak out about it. Unlike some other men, who told me that they would never be caught dead in a gay bar.

**Picture this guy with dress shoes and socks on, dancing to the music. Pure Eagle.

After our friend found himself a man, we left him and headed to MJQ. I don't think I am really the MJQ type considering I am not into hip hop, house, techno, or straight leg jeans, but I had fun all the same. That club always wows me when I walk in since it is so different than any other club in Atlanta. I love walking down the long sloping hallway to the underground rooms. It makes a person feel so gangster and hip.

The next morning I had to walk the 3 mile stretch between my house and the Highlands in order to pick up my abandoned car. I felt good walking off a portion of a days worth of food, drink, and waffle ice cream sandwiches.

Here's a pic from the festival festivities.

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