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24 June 2010

Sets of 3s

They say things happen in threes right?? I have always wondered who the they is in this. Who was the first person to come up with the word trifecta? Who was the first person to realize that shitty things happen in threes, or so I hope that's the case. I have had a string of crappy luck as of late.

It all started with the damn AC a couple of weeks ago. I finally have central heat and air, which I am pumped about; no more U shaped house with the lone window unit blowing only into the living room. I am a bit of a cheapskate, at least when it comes to things like this, so I waited awhile to turn on my air. When I finally did nothing happened.. that's right, nothing. It was blazing hot in my house - I think it was in upper 80's that week. Let me preface by saying that when I purchased the house last November the AC worked. Anyhoo, I called out the repairman and $440 later my AC was blowing hard.

The 2nd thing to topple in my house was my bed, literally, and not in a good way either. Nothing sweaty about this bed breaking session. I was having people over and I happened to go into my bedroom and lie on the bed, I also just happened to have had a bit to drink so I needed a soft place to lie. A friend came and sat on my chair to talk with me. Another friend decided that we looked entertaining so he came and leapt upon the bed. Most beds would hold up under this; mine unfortunately is not one of those beds. The one peg holding up all of the slats popped off leaving a mattress, sans bed spring, floating precariously. I brought this bed, this awesome mid-century teak piece of furniture art, to a local antique "fixer" and the bed still lies there. My wallet has since been relieved of $460 for the work.

Here comes the third, and hopefully final, piece to the story. Yesterday I came home from work and went to take a sip of water. The water from the fridge was not near as cold as usual. I didn't think much about it since the light in the fridge came on. I made food for potluck, went to potluck, and went to take another drink of water from the pitcher in the fridge. The water still wasn't cold. It got me thinking that maybe something was wrong. None of the other food in there felt all that cold either. I opened the freezer and saw the ice glistening wetly despite the fridge light and obvious fan noise sounding from the back of the fridge. No price yet on how much this shit is going to cost, but I will say that I hope this stops the bullshit problems that are floating around the house just waiting to pick a moment in order for something else to fuck up.

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