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18 June 2010


Nothing like a super heavy meal in the middle of the day to make a person feel good. I went and ate some delicious roast duck and Singapore noodles at Hong Kong BBQ in the food court by Dinho (off of New Peachtree Road). While this random food court isn't really attached to anything other than an outdoor strip mall, it has some of the cheapest and mighty tasty Asian around. Hong Kong BBQ is down at the end of the food court to the far right - look for the dead animals hanging in their window. Another delicious place in the food court is Chong Quing Hot Pot. $8 will get you a massive hot pot filled with your choice of meat, veggies, noodles, and broth. It is by far enough for 2 meals. The Szechuan Fish in Spicy Chili Oil is amazing and they have all you can eat rice...just walk behind the counter and to the left to get it out of the gigantic rice cooker. Another popular place in this eatery is the chinese joint next to Chong Quing- it has some pork soup buns that people go mad for.. get 10 for $6. You can find all this awesomeness here:

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Okay one of the better 365s of the week is me all Suzie Q. Homemaker like with my banana-black bean empanadas:

I hope everyone has a delightful weekend.

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Heavenly Housewife said...

Knowing where to find the right mall food is crucial daaaahling, need energy for heavy duty shopping, ya know ;)?