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29 June 2010

So close

Sorry that it has been so long. Boo! I have been crazy busy doing nothing and everything. Yeah, I know...excuses, excuses. So my 365 project has once again come to a screeching halt. I forgot a couple last week and I decided to take a break starting last Friday. Hopefully I can pull my ass out of the gutter and start again in a day or so. I am going to keep up with the number count starting on the new days.. no restarting or endings here.

So this weekend is 4th of July weekend. What does that mean? It means that I am going to Chicago. Whoop, whoop!! I have never been nor have I taken a vacation from work since last summer, so as you can tell I am pretty darn psyched. I am heading off to the Windy City on Thursday morning and coming back Monday afternoon. I have no clue what's in the plans since I am going with my good friend Easy E. I know we are staying in the 'burbs, Arlington Heights, the first night so she can see her fam, but after that the city is our oyster and OMJoe will be our "Pearl". Taste of Chicago is going on this weekend and Steve Miller Band is playing so we might take that in. I will be sure to post some fat daddy pics on here next week so be on the lookout.

I wanted to make y'all aware of a new website I have found; new to me that is. Shit as funny as hell, but apparently the writer is on hiatus so who knows how long we will wait to get another issue. The Plug is the name of the site and to find stories, you click on an issue, and then hover over one of the icons. There are multiple stories per issue. Some of these are pretty damn funny like this one and this one.

And finally, a picture of 365 from the past week. They mainly sucked so this is the semi-best of the bunch.

Oh and I wanted to post a couple of random new pictures that I feel like posting.

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