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15 October 2010

Once again I am slacking

I have been a shitty blogger as of late. I have had a lot to say, but wasn't really in the modd to write. I am so sorry little blog. I got multiple things on the agenda. Firstly, the bachelorette party weekend in Destin. It was good times in Destin. 4 Beautiful days in sunny Destin and the only day it was rainy is the one day I happened to get a hangover. Perfection, I think so. Despite being 29 and typically going out once a week, I went all out 2 nights in a row, throwing down from 8 pm until 4 am without consequence that is until the 2nd nights next morning:( One of the bars we hit up in Destin was a sauasage fest packed with under 25s and some under 21s ready to try and take any lady home. If you are an older girl that wants to get with a young buck I've got 2 words for you- Electric Cowboy. Oh and Friday nights are $15 all you can drink. Don't say I didn't warn you.

I have been pet sitting a ton and have had a long lingering illness which is why I have been so slack on here. I just wanted to apologize once more.

Other than being a blog slacker I have also been a photog slacker. Boo! I did however snap loads of photos of an adults only food fight that I was invited to. When I say adults only, I don't mean that everyone was naked and sliding on jello or anything like that, but instead there were no children particpating. I will say that it was a fun, but short food fight. Some of the ammo food items were jello, whipped cream, soda, spaghetti, cheesecake filling, and garlic hummus. That's right people, some one brought garlic hummus to chuck at people. I don't think they played fair. The fight was pretty funny despite me only shooting it and not actually particiapting. It was what 8 year old dreams are made of and I seriously wished that there were about quadruple the number of people involved with way more ammo. To see pics click on this link.

Another thing that I did in the past couple of weeks which I have not written about is Hotoberfest with Old Unreliable. He just happened to know the right people which means we scored VIP tix to the beer fest which means instead of 130 beers we could have possibly tasted 170 beers which means had we done that we would have been way more fucked up than the average festival goer which means that we would have had way more fun which means that for next years Hotoberfest you should purchase VIP tix. Basically what my run-on sentence is saying is that you should get your ass in gear for next year and join us vippers. Another plus at VIP is that a huge TV is setup to show fall football along with some couches and chairs so while sampling 170 beers you can also watch some college gameday. I just sealed the deal right? Anyhoo, we had fun, the weather was perfect, the band was rocking, and boiled peanuts were cheap. Can't go wrong with that.

How do you like my content today? A little sporatic right? I am actually writing this just like it comes into my head, which is why shit probably doesn't make a lot of sense. Sorry 'bout that; it's just how I roll.

Did you get a chance to watch any portions of those miners coming up to the surface the other day? Can I please tell you that I had tears coming to my eyes. I also have had Ch! Chi! Chi! Le! Le! Le! stuck in my head. I heard something about some of the guys getting to the point, during the 17 days before they were discovered alive, of thinking that if they died the other guys would eat them to stay alive. This immediatley made me think about wanting to reread the book "Alive". Not sure, why since the book is rather dark, but that is how my mind works. If you have never read "Alive" you should. It's all about that rugby team who's plane went down in the Andes and they lived for 10 weeks before being discovered. They actually cannabalized some of the bodies to stay alive. It's a sad story that will make you cry, but I think the ending is good.

Okay, I think I have pretty much caught y'all up on my life until now. I am out this weekend, ready to tear it up. Wine and Dine tonight with the ladies, the always spectacular Halloween Parade and Festival in Little 5, and then I am going to shoot some Zombies with friends at Zombie Apocalypse. Have fun and stay safe this weekend.


Kelly said...

I get in those moods too. I want to sit down and write about everything but I just don't know where to start!

Welcome back my friend!

Stephie Z said...

Thanks kelly for the motivation!