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01 September 2010

The Good "Shit"

So as many of you know, or none of you, I do not have cable. I would rather spend money on pointless shit like expensive food or lottery tickets. I never buy lottery tickets, but I figured I was bound to be lucky if I purchased some during my birthday week. Sadly enough $5 just went down the drain...And now I remember why I don't buy lottery tickets. The main reason is that I went through a brief period of scratch off purchasing after hearing a friend say his friend won $500 off of those $20 scratch offs that you can then mail in and possibly win by a drawing. I spent $140 on 7 scratch offs within one months time and didn't win a damn thing. Perhaps I shouldn't gamble.

Anyways, back to the set up at hand. So I don't have cable which means I miss a lot of horrible TV and some really good "shit"- like The Jersey Shore (yeah right) or Tosh.0. Since I miss a lot of good "shit" I have to live vicariously through friends and hope that they share good "shit" with me. That good "shit" can either be told, which is never as funny, since it is really a time and place type thing, or the good "shit" needs to be forwarded to me so that I can get my fill of good "shit" in person without needing to pay $30 to watch. Luckily some of my friends come through, which is how I got to view some good "shit".

Tosh.0Weds 10:30pm / 9:30c
Video Breakdown - Wig Dive
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