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22 September 2010

#16 is now checked off.... sort of and a recipe!

So I am back, better than ever, though I will soon be leaving you again to go on a bachelorette filled weekend of debauchery and gumbo in Destin. "Gumbo" you ask? I will be hitting up The Boathouse multiple times to get my fill of oysters and gumbo in a super scenic environment.

Crawdady Boil

This past weekend's festivities weren't all that exciting. A couple of friends and I got together for a lazy (i.e. cheap) night of potluck food and a movie. For dinner I threw together a delicious Mexican casserole (See bottom of this post for the recipe). Later that night I met a college friend out for some drinks and a close up look at how the melting pot of Atlanta melds. That pot was seen at the Majestic at around 2:30 in the am.

I had to wake up early in the morning so that I could have time to pick up my nephew and get my biscuit on before Synagogue. Oh yes, getting my biscuit on at the Red Barn could mean other things, but in this case it means I didn't fast for the holiest of Jewish holidays, Yom Kippur. Despite the fantastically huge biscuit that I downed that morning I hope I get back in the good book.

So back to the Saturday morning at hand. This is the first time I have sat for my nephew since he started eating solid food- He's now 3. Obviously it's been awhile. When I told my brother that babysitting Ben is one of the things on my list of 30 x 30, he immediately jumped on the offer so that he could go to the UGA game unhindered by a 3 year old with a very short attention span. After I picked him up, he kept chattering away in the back seat about going to Synagogue. He was pumped. Little did he know what was ahead. We made it to the 'gogue late because I had to pick my mother up. I went to sit with the boy at the children's service while my mom headed to the adult service. Ben stayed fairly quiet for 10 minutes before he informed me he had to use the restroom. We went to the bathroom and he used it. Back out to the children's service. I gave him his toy cars to keep him quiet. He did well other than the slight kablooms and kablams he whispered when crashing his toy truck into my hand or the chair in front of us. 15 minutes later he has to go the bathroom again. I thought this kid was lying, but took him any way. Dude dropped an adult sized deuce in the toilet and then wanted me to wipe his ass and flush for him. It made me gag a bit. I don't think I am cut out for this mothering business. Second time out of the bathroom we went back to the service but i could tell the boy was getting restless. I decided to forgo the rest of the service and get him out to the playground stat. We played for a bit then my mom took over. I went back in the 'gogue and suffered through about 20 minutes of service before my mom was back asking me to take Ben home. I was pumped. I didn't get chewed out for telling my mom I didn't want to go to services this year, but I also didn't really spend that much time in services. It made me happy.

The rest of the day went along well. Ben and I played. I watched Sixteen Candles while Ben took a nap. I ate dinner with my brother. All in all a good day with only one ass wiping and I can now scratch one thing off my list. Only 29 more to go. I didn't want to tell my brother, but I do plan on offering up my services a couple more times this year. Unfortunately now is the time I would typical show you some pictures I snapped of Ben, but I forgot to bring my camera. I guess you will have to amuse yourself with a couple of old photos of the boy.

Cubbie cutie


Unhappy toddler

Mexican Casserole:
Ingredients or whatever you have in your pantry that is fairly mexican or tex mexie:
-Corn tortillas
-Can of black beans
-Cooked, shredded chicken
-Jar of salsa
-Can of Rotel

Make sure you lightly cover the bottom of the casserole dish with salsa before you start. Layer items starting and ending with corn tortillas. Throw a bit of salsa in the middle of the layers and on the top of the tortillas. Top with cheese. Bake at 350 degrees for about 15 minutes or so. Enjoy!

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