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23 September 2010

A recipe and some pictures

I am heading to Destin in a couple of hours and I am pumped up. I have caught a bit of a cold in the last day, of course, and have been asked frequently by my cubicle mate turned illness monitor if I am getting sick. I am this close to yelling "Fuck You" at the top of my lungs. Luckily have a modicum of class. Anyhoo I feel the ocean air will be good for whatever I got. Plus I am looking forward to stretching out on the beach with nothing much to do for the next 4 days.

So who likes bananas out there in the blogosphere?? Here is a terrific and easy looking pie recipe that I found which melds the flavors of toffee and banana into a pie. Fabulousness in a pie tin. Recipe found here.

I am only going to post one photo since my internet connection is acting up. You might be wondering if I am taking the B dawg with me, but I have to sadly announce that I am not. However, she is going to her second favorite household in the world. The one that contains her 2 favorite mammals, David and Hobie. I know she will have her own little mini vacation there and maybe she will chill out with a bit since most of her life spent with me is worrisome.

Shake it lady

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