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28 August 2009

Super Sweet Ride

I hat to blog about this hilarious car really quick though I don't have much time. This bad boy is on Craigslist and man, oh man, I want to buy it. It looks like such a fun car, unless you were driving through the poor area of town and then its a car with a death wish. I could only imagine what you would say if a bum came up to your window begging for some change. "I only have credit cards on me". "But what about the money in the dash, seats, and trunk". "oh, thats just my savings account. Sorry". Wouldn't you feel bad turning some one down when you are riding $300 deep? Anyhoo, If you want a sweet ride that comes with a savings account look no further! Oh I think you need to know what the tag words mean in order to buy this bad boy.

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