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03 August 2009

The B's knees

As you can see the dogs are done for. Middle of the day and they are pooped. Who knew walking around the block or 15 would wear them out this much. Had I known, I might do this everyday. As it stands now, I still might think we shall hit up the dog park during the week and save the long walks forthe weekend. Speaking of done for, I looked like this Saturday morning. Too much of god's nectar was running through my body for me to feel very good. I think I took about 3 naps Saturday and did little in between. I did have a fantastic meal at M&T's though. That boy can grill like nobodys bidness. The dogs came with and tore it up with Sauly boy. There was some heavy playing going along with heavy breathing and heavy snorting- sounds like a bad porn doesn't it. Nope just dogs being dogs. I'll give y'all more fun, random stuff tomorrow but I am wiped today.

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