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27 July 2009

Chicken Little

I have one thing I have to get off my chest.... I ate an embryo for breakfast the other day. It wasn't even a day old yet. I pet sat for a friend this weekend and she happens to have dogs, a cat, and chickens, all of whom get along together in perfect harmony.. kind of like "ebony and ivory live together in perfect harmony" oh wait to of the dogs hate each other. Oh well forget I said anything. Anyways, the chickens laid an egg over each night I was there so I took those bad boys home and boiled them up. I almost burned the house down in the process but that story is for a whole other day:) Picture of my delici-oso fresh free range chicken egg and garden bounty from the friends house below. Thanks L!!! Oh and I am going to leave you with lyrics to Ebony and Ivory only its the SNL parody with Joe Piscopo and Eddie Murphy. It is pretty funny so YouTube that bad boy if you can. Words go along to tune of Ebony and Ivory by Sir Paul and Stevie Wonder.

"You are black and I am white
Life's and Eskimo pie, let's take a bite
That was groovy think'n Lincoln
When you set them free.

We all know, cats are the same(?)
And to (?) Mexico
Good, Bad, Guys and Chicks

I am dark and you are light
You are blind as a bat and I have sight
Side by side you are my amigo, negro
Let's not fight

Ebony and Ivory just living in perfect harmony
We're talk'n salt and pepper, Sammy and Dean,
Stevie and Me are peachy keen

You are white
You are black
And who cares."