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07 July 2009

The 4th of Juli

Happy 4th and now 7th people!!! It was a good weekend for me. I am now rolling in the cash that has already been spent before I even made it. I also had a delightful time housesitting for an awesome airdale named Brucy Poosy or Bruce to anyone but me. I laid out by the pool some so I now am close to looking like I will fit in while in Puerto Rico, just a bit more color and I will be ready to emrace my nonexistent spanish roots. A girl can have dreams, can't she? I went and watched the Peachtree Road Race on Saturday. I really wish I would have run it this year, I did it last year and felt fantastic, especially since I kicked my brothers ass but this year I am thinking he could have taken me since working out is getting harder and harder. The fat has taken control of my body and forces me to eat french fries and sugar packets ( just kidding about the sugar packets). The fat also forces me to lay on the couch and not work out. Actually I dont lay on the couch and only wish I could, instead I pet sit like that's my only job or something. Wears me out. By the way, switching topics completely, did y'alll see The Bachelorette last night? Wow, thank goodness she got rid of Wes. That dude was a jack ass and I really hope his bullshit publicity stunt fails miserably and he doesn't sell any records. What a dushebag and I generally say that lightly. All right enough about me and my life... how are you? Did you have a good time? Did you eat hotdogs, eat hamburgers, drink beer, watch fireworks? Fill me in on everything I want to know.. but only so I can gossip about it later. Just kidding. Allright I took a couple of pictures at the Road Race and wanted to share them with you. You can see more at my flickr stream.



Stop Hammer Time

Rubberband Man Side

Cheering the runners on


Better safe than sorry

Celebrating the 4th in Atlanta

Dancing Break

Pounding the Pavement


Christy Hulsey said...
thank you for the offer but i am so camera un-savvy that i need a digital. i referred a good friend of mine, ginny griggsby to you. i hope it works out that you can meet each other.

Caroline said...

you are sassy.
and i like it.