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02 August 2011

Down an' Out

Another slackadaisical post. I try, I try. Debt deal done. Good thing, since listening to the news caused my anxiety levels to reach new heights. Kind of weird that I would freak that much about governmental money problems, but I gots a lot in the bank and in the markets therefor I need my money to be secure. Besides my own money situations give me anxiety so why shouldn't the free worlds money issues bother me. I am so sick of this fucking government. The petty bullshit politics get on my last nerve. Can we get a multi-party system and get rid of this war between the republicans and the democrats? I think it's like a marriage or any other relationship.. you have to make compromises, not fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, I'm right, you're wrong type of shit. Drives me cu-ray-zay!

Things here are spectaculair and meant to be spelled wrong. OFB (or ol' fat bastard as he is known) has left me alone which is nice. No more heavy breathing in the ear or in the face.. not that heavy breathing in the face under the right circumstances is bad, but when it has to do with OFB it is terrible. My new boss is throwing a party for my co's and I at his lake house which should be interesting. Do I show up with beer? Bottle of wine? Some salvia? The invite said wear a bathing suit, but do I really want to be in a bathing suit around my new co-workers? MMhh, I am gonna skip to hell no on that.

I went on a short trip to Nashvegas this past weekend. It was gravy. Ate at some delicious restaurants, a couple of which I would like to relocate to the A (see Yelp in the next couple days fo deets), took a dip in Mr. Percy Priest, went to a beer fest put on by my homeboys competitor... it was lame; I'm supposed to say that right?, did a bit of downtown bar hopping, and had a couple of Pimm's cups. I'll post some Nashy picks in a couple of days, but until then hold your breath until the count of twelve then go live your life.

Um... lastly my 30th is coming up quick and I have done nothing to prepare. My bomb shelter isn't yet built, this delightful 30 extra pounds are holding on to my body like a vise grip, and I have yet to get anywhere close to finishing my 30 by 30 list. Sort of, kind of, a lot of SAD. My goal is to do a bit o' camping this weekend to at least get one thing out of the way (#8). I am thinking that "#29. Making a pizza from scratch" and "#28. Try baking something complicated" will need to get a move on this week and can I change "#9. Go to South Africa" to "Pay a super speeder fine just for fun.. or because they told you 4 months after the ticket was issued"? Looking at the list makes me want to crawl into a ball. I think I am gonna have to pound this shit out quick like in order for the September 3rd deadline. There are some things that aren't gonna happen like

A. run 2 10Ks... I can do the running, but I can't afford paying for 2 10K races

B. stain the back deck.. a little help please

C. learn how to can...don't have the material and can't afford it:(

But by golly, gee whiz I am going to give it my best procrastination worthy try.

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