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30 August 2011

Best blog follower EVER!

I am giving major kudos and claps and snaps and whatever the fuck else a person can give out over the internets to one of my blog followers. To all the rest of you, you had better step up to the plate or I will cut you. This snaps in Z formation goes to Sunny of unknown origins who has decided to bless me and my birthday with a gift certificate to a bad ass spa. I am not sure I know who Sunny is, or maybe I do and the person is just hiding under the cover of the world wide web, but the Sunny I picture in my head looks like this:

If anyone sees the above walking around the streets of the A give them a "Fresh Prince of Bell-Air and DJ Jazzy Jeff "Pssshh"" greeting from me.


Sunny! said...

woohoo! Didn't knew I would get a blog entry! Anyways, enjoy your time.

Stephie Z said...

Of course you get an entry! Thank you sooo much!