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26 May 2011

Old Lady B

Old Lady B by moke076
Old Lady B, a photo by moke076 on Flickr.

Old Lady B and I went to the river yesterday for Potluck dog beach style. It was good times with good friends and extremly well attended. Everyone seemed pumped for this years potlucking evenings so hopefully they will continue to be well attended. Makes me feel good that my baby is taking off;)

In other news, I was offered a job. I can't for the life of me remember, and I'm too lazy to look, to see if I told you that my companies contract was coming up and that my company wasn't bidding for a new contract. That meant a loss in job. So anyhoo the comany that got the contract offered me a J.O.B.!! With a RAISE! and a loss in vacation days:( Eh.. who knows 1 months vacation right.. right.. right? Whatevs... a job in this climate is fantabulous. I still have my head to the grindstone in case anything comes up, but I am at least safe in the seat for a bit.

That is all the news on my end. Good news from you? Answer me bitches!! Is there any good news from you(finger pointing out of the monitor)?

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Anonymous said...

remember when this blog got updated.. those were the days.