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04 May 2011

Lack of Motivation

While I was all about demotivaters the last time I was on here, I really am unmotivated now. I am experiencing some major work/exercising/dieting/writers block at the moment. It's never fun to feel your creativity slide away. I am still doing 365, but the vast majority of photos lately have been taken with my Droid and most are pretty darn shitty. I even forgot a couple of days. I think that brings me to a total of 4 or 5 missed 365 days now. Not good. I am going to try and perservere since I have already hit the 100 mark, but I am not digging my lack of enthusiasm on anything. Going out and drinking doesn't even appeal to me. I just want to curl into a ball and sleep. I know I am not the only one who goes through the spells, but it's certainly not making me feel great. I always wonder how depression feels and maybe this is it. It's probably much more severe, but it still make me wonder. It also makes me want to go on another vacation quick like. Where I would go is the issue. and where I would find the money to go is an even bigger issue.

blah blah blah just trying to get my write back on.

I did get a ticket on one of my vacations for going something like 17 over. I call bullshit;) Ticket turned out to be $300. Not too shabby. I got it in Laurens County, Georgia right outside of Dublin on I-16. This area has to be the worst place in Georgia as far as speed traps and I still got a ticket. Damn cellie. I was using cruise control up until that bad boy rang. I also had my third hyperventilation attack while cop was writing me the ticket. Not sure why.. Dude told me it wasn't a big deal...I said no shit, I have received about 14 speeding tickets in my life. Actually I didn't say that I really said " uh uh uh uh uh uh I uh uh uh know uh uh uh I'm uh uh uh not uh uh uh sure uh uh why uh uh uh uh I'm uh uh uh doing uh this uh uh uh uh". Weird. The other two times I hyperventilated had to do with exercise. The first when I finished my first 3 minutes in the kickboxing ring sparring with this bad ass professional kick boxer. The other was after taking about 7 years off moving and then joining yuppie boot camp.

Here's some beachy drinky bellaliness:

Wish I was back there







Almost Over

Quick Break

And here is my newest foster Miss Lady from Smoky Mountain Great Dane Rescue:


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