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23 May 2011


111/365 by moke076
111/365, a photo by moke076 on Flickr.

Lady has been adopted and is no longer living with Bella and I. Very sad news, but she now lives with her new family approximately 3 streets over from me so she's in the neighborhood. I am keeping my distance right now so that she can have time to bond with her new familia, but I hope to soon see her around.

When I first got her, I thought she was going to be like most other fosters; delightful to have, but more delightful when they leave. I am delighted about the lack of puke in my house now that her and her water issues have gone, but I am truly sad that she isn't around. She was like a younger, semi-better behaved Bella. The semi-better meant that she doesn't bark at every noise she hears and she is nice to pups on off leash, as well as on. Bella certainly isn't. She was a good girl and I will truly miss her.

Cheers to her and her new fur-ever home.

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