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23 February 2011

Shit That LeAnne Says

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I am not gonna even get to where the hell I have been. That is for another time and place. Not to say anything spectacular has happen in my life; far from it. Just saying I don't wants to share. However I am going to share with you some new deliciousness from my life that is not in the form of food. I know, shocker!

So I now carpool with a co-worker 3x a week. She rides with me to and from my house were her husband drops her off and picks her up. Let me give you a little background about this co-worker: 60s, southern, from a small town outside Atlanta, sheltered, judgemental, super duper Christian, republican, believes that the man is the ruler of the house, conservative, opinionated, and on, and on, and on. Such a great partner to my open minded, liberal, culturally Jewish, but leans towards the agnostic/atheist side of things, slightly judgemental( actually a lot), opinionated persona.

We normally share a lunch together and have already had such great convos such as her saying all Muslims kill people in the name of their religion. When I disagree and tell her that other religions kill people in the name of their Gods, like the good Christian Scott Roeder who killed abortionist George Tiller, she then tells me I am the most Christian hating person she has ever met. She also came in one day and said "I went to see my doctor today. Oh, he's one of your people". Um.. okay.

Anyhoo you can imagine that hilarity will ensue with us riding together and chatting. Yesterday our conversation some how got on the topic of race and how she believed that "Blacks" are extremely scary and violent, but that "Mexicans" are even worse. "They will just as soon look at you as kill you", she said. She also told me the prefer knives to guns. "How do you know this", I asked. The news. Yes, because our local news is oh so accurate and unbiased. I then explained my reasoning about why she thinks what she does. When she got out of the car she called me a communist. Really.

Pretty fun stuff, which is why I am planning on getting a digital recorder and taping the things that are said so I can get some accurate quotes from our convos. I will be calling these posts "Shit that LeAnne says" so look for them.

**Name changed to protect ME**

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