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01 March 2010

Neglectful again

You people got to stay on my ass if you expect me to ever update this thing. If I don't hear you begging for more than I don't really get the itch, yearn, whatever to actually take the time to update this blog. I have been thinking about it for the past couple of weeks but have been to busy with other stuff to actually do something about that. So what has happened since our last meeting?? We are now in a whole new month. Speaking of: Happy Birthday Mom!!! She doesn't read this, so this is more of a telepathic thing, but it's the thought that counts. I could only imagine what my conservative proper JEWISH southern mother would think if she read this. It wouldn't be good, that's all I know.

Last time I wrote I mentioned something about a wine night right?? Well, wine night at my house went over without a hitch and with little to no Cabernet being spilled on my vintage rug. This is all due to my fabulous pouring ability, which isn't really that fabulous if you had seen the rag I carried around with each bottle in order to stop any drippage from leaking onto my precious rug. The most exciting thing to take place at wine club night was my vet friend expressing my foster dogs' anal glands in the kitchen. Not many people get to attend parties with such awesome party tricks. It all started when bullet, the foster dog, expressed his own anal glands in the living room, where all us winos were gathered. Luckily most of the women in attendance were dog owners. Unfortunately, a few of the women do not have the pleasure of owning dogs. Let's just say those were the women who made disgusted looks while my vet buddy talked me through the anal gland expression in the kitchen.. which just happens to be directly connected to the living room. Ahh good times!

Another thing that happened to me is that I got super sick last Thursday and am still festering with disease today. Not really, disease more like a single virus. You know I am a drama queen. The worst thing about my sickness is that I had a hair appointment for Friday night. It worked out perfectly. I could get my hair cut, have it looking unbelievably straight and shiny, and then hit the town with my single ladies. Unfortunately, only Bella and my friends 2 dogs got to view the sweet new 'do. I thought it was looking hot until today when I styled my hair with some new product I bought. I look like a 70's chia pet right now. I may post a picture soon but don't count on it. I don't care if the people I work with see me looking like shit, but I do care if random Internet cruisers see how poufy my hair is.

Lastly, I finally finished editing pictures of my friends wedding. I will be posting some of my faves up here as soon as I get my hard drive back from said newlyweds. I hope they liked them otherwise my hard drive might be sitting in the landfill as we speak. Okay people, have a good day and expect another post this week. If I don't write one then bug the shit out of me until I do. Please!!!

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