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11 February 2010

Money, money, money MONEY!

Asshole ex-landlord finally paid me my money after throwing some bullshit my way on why it took so long. Oh yeah! Wait until I pepper my former residence with propaganda spouting off against you and your untrustworthy ways. So there! LOL. That was weak and I am just kidding; despite my anger I probably won't get even b/c I am not like that.. too nice, I am. So today is Thursday night and my 1st large event at my house. I am sort of excited in a train-rushing-toward-me, shit-my-pants way. Not scared of people coming so much, more because I am afraid people won't have fun. I always want people to have fun and eat well and I am worried that for some reason that won't happen. I already made one Cabernet-paired food, a dip with feta, cream cheese, mint, and cukes, and that crap was salty as hell. What if all the other shit I make tastes like crap, what if I don't have enough chairs, what if Bullet( my foster dog that I have discussed previously) somehow escapes my bedroom and jumps all over my guests, knocking one down on his path of destruction??? Oh wait, this party is a wine club event where every one brings a bottle and we blind taste test it. Oh and 17 people are expected to show. 17 bottles of wine... mmmhhh.... yeah, I probably have nothing much to worry about. Oh and in my head about just sounded like ah-boat, pronounced the Canadian way. What the fuck is that ahhh-boat??? Have a pleasant Thursday!!

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