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08 March 2013

My Kitchen Renovation

I told you about my bathroom renovation and showed you my plans so now I am showing you my kitchen plans.  Right now the glaciar white corian counter tops are on and the sink and faucet are in (check out the instagram photo on the side if you want to see them).  What isn't done is the butcher block counter top, microwave shelf, lighting, and tile. Oh and I'm going to get a new range at some point.  I wasn't planning on it, but with clean white counter tops my cheap Magic Chef range that has been in this house for who knows how long sort of looks like shit so I've decided to replace that too.  The tiny cabinet where the microwave sits is what will be butcher block and there will be a shelf for the microwave to sit giving me access to that counter top. In a kitchen as small as mine I need all the space I can get. Please don't be scared by all the crap junking up the kitchen.  It doesn't normally look that junk filled, but for some reason I decided to take picture after I had stocked the kitchen full of the items that will be used in the reno.  Also the tidy cats container contains dog food, not litter and I have cleared off the fridge completely since viewing how messy it appears in photos.  I hate my house being cluttery and these pictures make it seem like that is true.  Wait until the finished product.  Hopefully I'll have new pictures for you in 2 to 3 weeks.

Kitchen Before

Kitchen Before

Kitchen Before

Kitchen Before
My Kitchen Reno


My Scandinavian Home said...

How exciting! I can't wait to see how it all looks, I'm sure it will be fab.

Stephie Z said...

@myscandanavianhome Thanks! I will also be grabbing a vintage task lamp thanks to seeing pics of your fabulous kitchen. Thanks for the inspiration!

ceefitz said...

Hi Stephanie, This is beautiful! And I hear you are doing work on your washroom? I'm collaborating with a social platform called Fotogress, and you are their ideal user! Check them out. I would also like to ask you a few questions about your social media activities and goals (if you are just DIY-ing or you have professional goals). Email me at if you are available to chat.