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07 March 2013

Bathroom reno redone and a bedroom contest

My bathroom renovation is starting in two weeks. Hurray!I changed up the plans a bit- hopefully for the better. I went with a glossy white floating vanity from Ikea since it seemed more structurally sound then the last one I picked. I also went with a cheaper and (I think) cooler light. A bit more industrial. I am very pumped about finally going ahead with this.

 Oh and I should tell you that my kitchen renovation has already begun. My new counter tops, sink, and faucet are in. I have to wait on tiling and some other stuff for another 2 weeks when the contractor and his crew come back and do the bathroom work. Things are rolling and I am quite pumped.

I should also throw out that my bedroom is in an Apartment Therapy bedroom contest. AT is a design blog and it's pretty exciting to actually make it on there, even if just for a contest. If you want to vote and I would love it if you did, here is the link: . 

Here is the picture of what my bathroom looks like now.  Terrible, I know:
Bathroom before

And here is the plan:

My Bathroom Reno

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