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11 December 2012

My Bathroom Renovation

Guess what?  Thanks to some rotting boards on the floor of my bathroom I will be renovating the bad boy sooner rather than later.  Good for my love of design, bad for my pocketbook. At the same time I will also be redoing a bit of my kitchen.  Why do both at the same time?? Because I already started buying kitchen items and the ball is rolling.  Let's hope that the bathroom dealio isn't immensely expensive.  I guess the nice thing is that my bathroom is 5x6 (not counting the tub area).  The only negative is that the house was built in 1910ish and who knows whats lingering under the floor boards. I'm sure they will have to replace the sub flooring, what with the leak, but I'm hoping nothing else major is happening.  So today I am posting a mood board of my new and improved bathroom..or at least what it will look like once it's been improved.  I'm going for a modern and crisp, yet semi-cheap approach.  After all, who knows how long I'll be in this house.

My Bathroom Reno

*Toilet by American Standard
*Penny round tile in moss from
*Lillangen sink cabinet from Ikea
*Dalskar sink faucet from Ikea
*Molger bathroom mirror from Ikea- It looks like crap in the mood board, but HERE is a better picture
*Light by kichler nicholson on

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