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06 November 2012

Election Day Recipe

Here's were I tell you to go vote right?  Ummmmmm probably not.  While you should vote, I'm not going to tell / remind you because if you didn't remember today is election day then you shouldn't fucking vote and if you don't want to vote well then don't.  It's your right as a citizen to not vote. Who am I to tell you otherwise? Do realize though that these are the people out there voting:

Anyways I'm sick of this election and am so glad it's about to be over (until the lawyers get involved of course). A couple of weeks ago I threw together a super easy meal and thought you might want the recipe.  Just keep in mind it's not precise (at all).  I'll call it goat cheesy pasta

Goat Cheesy Pasta
-whole wheat noodles (fun shapes are good.  oh and you can use regular noodles if you want).
-vegetables ( I went with asparagus and arugula)
-goat cheese (makes sens right?)
-squeezed lemon juice
-salt n' peppa (the spices, not the girl duo)

-Basically cook you noodles like you like them and save a large spoonful or 2 of the well salted pasta water.
-I then cooked the asparagus on the stove top.  Little olive oil in a pan and throw them over medium heat, stirring every couple minutes until cooked the way you like.  I prefer crunchier and less done, but some people prefer soggy.
-Mix the noodles and cooked vegetable(s).
-add in 4 oz of goat cheese and a spoonful of the water and mix until the goat cheese and water has turned into a sauce.
-add in your greens (spinach or arugula). I like doing this after because I HATE soggy greens, but some people prefer to wilt with the asparagus on the stove top for a moment.
-squeeze 1 lemon over and mix.
-Grate fresh black pepper and then add a teensy bit of salt to taste.  If you salted your pasta water then you shouldn't need to salt the dish much. Use lots of black pepper.
-Eat and enjoy!

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