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23 October 2012

Wedding Bells

Not for me, but for my bro.  I attended his wedding two weekends ago and had a great time seeing family and old friends.  The wedding venue was gorgeous and the wine was plentiful.  I also got my dance on which is possibly my favorite thing about a wedding, other than the booze, food, and people. I didn't bring my camera along, which was a good thing so I don't have pictures, but I do have some pics I snapped pre-wedding. One is of my bro, new wife, and son.  The other is my cuz' Rachael, her partner, and their 2 kiddos.   

Other than this fun not much else has been going on.  I'm in talks with Dames for Danes rescue on fostering a great dane so there might be a new temporary member of my household soon. 

I've also been cooking at home a lot lately instead of going out to eat at every chance I can get.  Some delicious things I've been making have been: eggplant parmesan and gnocchi (hands up for meatless mondays), salmon sliders, (You must try them! They are amazing!!), mediterranean eggplant and barley salad, shrimp and grits casserole, salt-wrinkled potatoes, and migas (my for-now fave brekkie). 

I also planted a lot of new plants in the backyard to try and make it look a little better.  It does, but the out of control liriope pisses me off. Sad to say, but unless I resod the whole yard I'm stuck cutting that nasty shit down. I'll try and post before and during pics soon.  There are no afters since the yard isn't done. 

I went and saw the Lumineers this past weekend.  I dig them.  They only have one album out so there aren't a bunch of things for them to play, but they had a good vibe and their music sounds great. Next weekend I'm going hiking so get pumped for fall colors pictures.

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