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08 October 2012

Hey There Superstar

This past weekend is in the record books and it was a good'in. 

Friday night: pet sitting and bed by 11. Ahhh delightful.

Saturday: 5 year old t-ball game (Ben won the game ball), VIP for a day at Hotoberfest beer festival in O4W, and a show at the Masquerade (Vacationer and Bombay Bicycle Club) with pet sits interspersed throughout.

Sunday: Brunch at Atkins Park with a friend. Pet sits. Lazy Sunday sitting on the deck reading.  Can I just say how pumped I was to be sitting bug spray free on my back porch.  Watched a movie or 2 as well. Best Sunday in awhile.

Game Ball Bad Ass

MMMhhhhh Stout!

T and I cheesing- the pretzel necklaces are on loan

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