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12 September 2012

The countdown has begun... and is now donezo

This is a blog post I started a bit ago and never posted:

 What countdown am I referring to?  Oh, just the one where I head over to Europe for "holiday". My plans are as follows:

Leaves the ATL.  10 hour layover in London (probably heading to Camden).  Budapest, Hungary for 3 days. Vienna, Austria for 4 days. Bratislava, Slovakia or Salzburg, Austria for 2 days.  Home again.

I'm so unbelievably pumped. This is the first European trip for me and I get to hang with one of my good friends all week long.

Sadly here I am 3 days post "home again" and sick as a dog.  The trip was great fun, but I left Heathrow with a stinking suspicion that I would catch something from the 5 million people in the terminal.  Sure enough I did and I now feel like absolute shite.  I almost upchucked my Tylenol cold medicine too. Not good homies, not good.

So I will start posting bits and pieces of my trip for you to get a gander at later on this week.  Get prepared.

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