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31 May 2012

Worst Blogger Ever Award

Goes to....... ME!

Whatevs, that's how I roll. I pop in from time to time surprising you with my antics. Anyhoo Memorial Day has come and gone. Sad. I have no vacay left until the very end of August. Double sad. Speaking of Vacay, why call it vacation when you can shorten it, I am going to start calling it "Holiday" like my friends across the pond. I'm planning on shedding my American persona. First it started with "the States" and now it moves into "going on holiday". Next thing you know I will be calling breakfast "brekkie" and tea a "cuppa". So what did I do while on holiday you ask? Why not much of anything. I laid about on the beautiful shelly brown beaches of Amelia Island and got myself a tan. I also drank some high falutin' wine and made the most bomb diggity beach brekkie ever to see the light of day. Sadly my beach holiday was cut short when tropical storm buryl decided to make a beachside appearance. Oh well, that just meant I could do the dougie in an Atlantan bar and spend Memorial Day baking at the ghetto pool. I did want to catch y'all up on one fine point of the past couple weeks. You are no longer reading the musings of a regular chick, but of an Iron Girl (not yet a woman I guess). That's right; I am trying to be the best at exercise.

While I wasn't quite the best at exercise, at least not that day, I did pretty well. I swam 1/3 mile in 19 minutes, I cycled (sounds better than biked) 18 miles in 1 1/2 hours, and ran a 5K in 33 minutes. Yeah, not the best time in the world, but it was my first triathlon so all I actually cared about was finishing. Some triathlon pics are below. A few sweet friends decided to make the hour ride from the A to the LL just to cheer me on. It warmed my heart. Still warms it actually.

That is one sweet medal.

Me cycling my little heart out. Look at the concentration and form.

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