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05 March 2012

I'm back

Howdy Ho Neighbors!! I took a little vacation from the blogging world and now I am back and in more Color for me. So what have I been up to? Well, not really much of anything. Same job, same house, same car, same single. Wow, looks like nothing really has changed.

I am however watching the Republican nominee race. I'm not going to go into my political beliefs on here, other than to tell you that I don't fall into either bullshit big name polarizing categories. I will tell you that I am scared for our country. I highly doubt that ol' Rick will win the party nomination, but the fact that it has been kind of close really bothers me. This dude spouts some of the scariest shit I've heard in awhile. A. He thinks kids are being indoctrinated in universities to give up their faith. Yeah, I totally remember that class at GSU. I hated it at first, but now I'm an atheist so the professor must have done something right. B. He's against abortion, even in cases of rapes, incest, etc., and to go along with that he doesn't belief in prenatal testing, because it causes more abortions. Seriously? C. He's a crazy religious nutbag on the national stage. I can't even handle it people. Why is our country so polarized to the right or left? Do people not have any of their own ideas about what they want? Instead they just want to follow some party line. It drives me fucking insane.

Next subject: The Middle East. Just kidding. I don't really feel like getting into any more "heavy" stuff with y'all today.

You know I gots to share a photo with y'all so here is one from 12 South Winter Warmer Beer Festival (say that 4x).

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I love lamp.