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27 September 2011

One whole week

I know, I know. It's been a whole week since I got on here chatting about my life and all other kinds of boringness. I don't think much is going to change for today. I do want to bitch (shocker) about how I am the last woman left standing. Literally. Every single F***ing one of my single girlfriends have begun dating someone. (I'm not really sure if it's has or have; both sounded odd). Let me say that I do love my friends and I love that they are finding men who make them happy, but can't a girl get a break and share in the available men. The funny thing is that some of my friends have such reverse dating styles from me. For example a couple have already fallen off the face of the earth or will soon. One of those is 2 months in and already has plans to spend Christmas with her new beaus family. Really? No matter how happy I am for a friend I still throw up in my mouth when I hear them making plans for an event that takes place months longer than the actual relationship. Another one of my friends has found her true "love", but before true "love" was found she went on a date with every one of the hundred guys who contacted her through Match, the online dating web site. Every day for multiple months she had one to two dates scheduled. Again I love said friend, but I don't have the time nor want to put in the effort that it takes to pen pal it up with loads of different men, go out on loads of dates, and keep all of their stories straight.

Anyhoo.. I know me bitching about my dating life can get old so I pre-apologize, but jeez already. This leads me into WTF is wrong with me? I feel like I'm a nice lady. I'm a bit chubby, but strong under the layer of potatoes and fried chicken, which in reality I eat very little of. I know I'm not super model gorgeous, but at the same time I'm not fugly.. or at least no one has ever said that to my face. I feel like I'm semi-smart, tell semi-funny jokes, and am semi-humble. I don't have that many issues. I don't bitch needlessly at men unlike a lot of women I know. I don't tell men what to do, again like lots of women I know. So why can't I find a nice guy who is fairly attractive, semi-smart, semi-funny, and isn't a total tool?

Do y'all have any of these issues? Do y'all get annoyed at friends when they pull the disappearing act? Oh I especially love the friend that tells me while she's single about how miserable it is to be single and how sad she is when she loses touch with new friends who start dating new guys. "It's just so sad that they don't think of their single friends eating home alone because they have company at their house". Funny that she is one of the people who gets a boyfriend and immediately doesn't have time to catch a bite to eat. Makes me sad.

Anyhoo I want to end this bitchfest on a positive note. I am not one of those people that has to be in a relationship. I function perfectly fine on my own and I enjoy not having to compromise on weekend plans and such. So while you think my life is sad and lonely, please know that it's not. I just sometimes get sad when friends go missing and I get left behind so I feel the need to vent:)

And finally check out the map below... maybe that explains why I can't find a decent guy?


Jeff said...

I always heard there were more straight women than men in Atlanta. Your map might support that notion...

I'm happily married but I'm NOT saying that as some stranger gloating. I was also happily single during that time of my life as well. Sometimes it could be a bummer when the availability of the friends I had diminished due to a change in their single to married status. And there could be some lonesome times alone but I also found a comforting space knowing that while I was not in a happy relationship I also was not in an unhappy relationship, given the divorce rate.

I still dated when I was single; often with mixed results. There were also times I balanced it; alternately being an "active" dater in that I would participate in a online service or date referral from a friend and then switch to "inactive status" and focus on work or a night time photography class.

I didn't meet my wife until I was 38. I don't know if that provides comfort or despair for you :) but that's how my life went. I also got to know myself better and what I wanted better as I aged. I was an immature 20something so being in a relationship then wouldn't have been good.

Anyway, sorry for my long post. I'm stating the obvious but there's nothing wrong with you.



Stephie Z said...

Hey Jeff,
I appreciate your input and know you're not gloating. I have been through some tough relationship times and completely agree with you about it better to be single than in a relationship and unhappy. I think I just get more bothered by the loss of friends. I have already had some good friends move away and now it seems like the majority of the ones left behind are sort of leaving me behind. Sad, but I know true friends will stick around...or so I hope:)

Sunny! said...

Enjoy the (single) time as much as you can. The other side looks green. Friends once the honeymoon period is over will come to reality. Not that marriage life is boring, anything of the same every day will be boring and they will start reaching out to everyone including you.

Just chill and your prince is waiting to scoop you!

Stephie Z said...

Thanks Sunny! In the back of my mind I know they'll com eback, but it's hard when you a friend pushes you aside.

tamara said...

I feel you--I'm not currently single, but it's so frustrating when friends get a boyfriend and immediately fall of the face of the earth. I try to be really good at still making time for my girlfriends, and I think I'm good at it. It's a lot easier after the first few puppydog months, too.

ATL is a really hard state for dating--I think girls definitely outnumber guys, and some of the guys aren't so choice. Good luck!

Stephie Z said...

Tamara.. your statement is "Guys aren't so choice" in this lovely city is onpoint.