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14 November 2013


Welp, I said I would make an appearance this week and so here I am... ready to prove myself wrong and actually follow through with a promise. Ahhh it sucks.  So I kind of wish I could be writing this post next week because I'm hoping I have a lot of pictures and things to share.  Why you ask?  Because I'm headed to the Okefenokee Swamp to do a little canoeing and camping.  Sounds like I've become a bit outdoorsy right?  I hate to burst your bubble, but not really.  As much as I wish I could say I've been hiking and camping all year, sadly I haven't.  I've done a few hikes, but nothing that's taken me outside of the state or even really to the mountains.  I have most certainly not camped since my 30 x 30 list when I did a camping night near Blood Mountain.    I'm pretty pumped about this weekend though.  It's supposed to be lovely, except for a bit of rain and I have never been the Okefenokee which I've heard is beautiful.  I just got this cool waterproof case which might (or might not) allow me to get a close up view of an alligator in the water.  It probably won't since south Georgia swamps tend to have black water.  And because I am afraid of alligators.  So the chances of me sticking my hands in the water anywhere near an alligator are slim to none.   I do hope to get lots of wildlife shots though which y'all know always makes me happy. I'm camping too whichis killer, especially considering we will have a partner cabin that we are paired with.  Therefor I get to use running water, showers, and fridges while camping.  Instead of camping I should just call it laying my head down in a tent.

The one other big thing that has happened lately is that my newest nephew, Easy E has arrived weighing in at 10+ lbs.  Kid was big.  He's  now 2 months old, but I'll post newborn pictures below so that you can roll your eyes and grumble to yourself about how this blog is turning all baby blog on you.   It's not, don't worry.  If anything I'd turn this bitch in to a puppy blog with pictures of cute dogs all day long.  Kind of like this one:
Oh yeah, Moose the baller, shot caller...twenty inch blades...on the Impala Highlanda'

Anyways here goes some of those annoying pics of Easy E I was talking about.  Remember to not roll your eyes too much otherwise they might get stuck like that. 

  Half finished

Sleepy Boy


and the pièce de résistance:

*I'll be back next week with a recipe.  Only because I took pics of the food on instagram so now I feel I gotta give you something to wet your lips and quench your thirst.


tamara said...

Aw! Congrats on your nephew. Have fun at Okefenokee! Camping with cabin access is kinda the perfect combo.

Stephie Z said...

@tamara. Thanks! The cabin access was so perfect we spent one night in some extra beds in the cabin. :)