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09 July 2012

Magic Who?

Once again I'm more absent than present. I like to keep y'all guessing.  Whats been happenin' lately?  Well... I celebrated the fourth by running (and walking) the Peachtree Road Race.  I'm sort of sad about my time of an hour and ten.  I thought I would do better.  I don't know why I thought this since I hadn't run a lick other than boot camp running which isn't really for mileage.  I think I ran a 5K about 1 month before the Peachtree and that was the only time I ran leading up to it.  Weak! After the run I headed to the ghetto pool for a couple of hours and hung with some friends. To finish out the day I picniced in Esther Peachy Lefever Park with friends and neighbors (white bread friends and former punk neighbors have very interesting interactions) and watched the amazing fireworks display my neighbors put on.  Cabbagetown really does have the best fireworks display in Atlanta.  It helps that it is semi- "underground".  I even watched a couple of cops pull up and try and break up the madness in the streets only to see multiple glass beer bottles get chucked at their cars.  Needless to say the cops stayed in their cars and watched the revelry continue unabated.

Last night I went to watch Magic Mike with some friends.  I think something like 98% of the audience was women.  Good thing because there is a lot of half naked men dry humping on stage.  I left the movie mulling over a few different things.
A.  Channing Tatum is hot, especially in his baggy ass pants, despite the random humping of women's faces, the stage, and every other surface in the movie.
B.  Matthew McConaughey is not hot, as in he grosses me the fuck out.  I really don't think I can go watch him in movies anymore what with his smug self, horrid accent, and jerry curl.  I'm getting the creepy guy shivers just thinking about it.
C.  I thought the movie would have some semblance of a plot and ending even with all the stripping.  It didn't.  For a guy who wants desperately to start up a custom furniture business he never made a single thing during the movie.  What the fuck is up with that? 

I finally bought my ticket to Budapest with a 10 hour layover in London.  Anyone have any ideas for what I should do while in London?  The plan after getting to Budapest is also hitting up Vienna and somewhere in  western Croatia.  Should be good times especially since my 31st birthday will be spent in Europe.  What What!